Special Feature

In order to create “all round development” of the child the school has the following features : Sufficiently large number of reading and playing materials necessary for the kids. The computer lab is equipped with latest processor, interne facility which works under the guidance of trained teaches. There is fine art section where the students participate in painting crafts like paper cutting, designing and drawing. The Students have the opportunity for learning. Music-Vocal Instrumental. The school manages educational excursion inside and outside the state which provides greater opportunities for the children to know and see the outside world themselves which increases the knowledge of students.


The school library is looked after by a trained librarian. It has books on various subject and provides facilities for newspaper, journals, periodicals children magazine. Books are issued to the students, In them up-to-date with wide information.

Computer Education

Computer education is provided which is essential part of routine education through which the students learn modern science.

Smart Class

The school is developing section for audio visual in order to make the room teaching more easier and full of impact.